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I have made it my life's work to rebel against, to quote the great Papa Roach, the "tyranny of normality". I truly believe that variety is the spice of life, and for me, my enjoyment in life comes from pursuing a wide range of hobbies/interests and trying out new things; even if it means stepping - or freefalling - out of my comfort zone, just like Homer Simpson here.

I like the challenge it brings, I like the fear it brings, but I especially love the experience and confidence it brings, knowing that I can overcome any sort of hesitation or insecurity that tries to hold me back and knowing that I live life on nobody's terms but mine. Now, I'm not saying I'm some fearless warrior - I am still human, and sometimes my anxiety does get the best of me. Instead, I try to see it as something that needs a little more time or persistence to conquer.

Perhaps one of the most daunting things I have done was live overseas for a year in a country where I didn't speak the language. I spent a year studying at Korea University in Seoul, South Korea and can say that it was one of the best times in my life. I find myself reminiscing fondly about my time there and all the wonderful friends and memories I made. From visiting the DMZ, spending Chuseok with my friend and his family on an island so close to North Korea we needed special passports, templestays high up in the mountains, homestays in hanoks, modelling hanboks and even being on Korean TV. Not to mention the various MT's, drunken noraebang nights, and all aspects of college student life at Korea University, it is hard to forget the warmness and hospitality of my South Korean friends whom I'll always treasure.


This experience awakened some kind of Alien-esque travel bug that was lurking deep within me, and I have since travelled back to Korea and Japan multiple times, China, Poland, Czech Republic, and the United States of America.



My trip to Poland in 2017 profoundly affected me, as I had a very emotional time meeting long lost family, visiting the concentration camp my great Uncle died in, and exploring the same places my Grandfather did when he was growing up. Upon my return to Australia, it oddly did not feel like home anymore. It felt like my heart and soul longed to be back in Poland, frolicking among the corn fields, eating kielbasa and pickles, drinking cherry vodka and laughing loudly with my family as we tried to overcome our language barrier. Although I could not connect very well with them verbally, I felt an inexplicable bond with them. I suppose that's what it feels like when you meet your soul mates. I really, truly, can't wait to go back home again.

Apart from travelling, I do have a number of other interests and hobbies I like to spend my time on.
Being a bit of a self-confessed loner for a couple of years during university, I spent an unhealthy amount of hours playing video games (that's right, I'm a certified gamer gurl). Some of my favourites were Saints Row 2 and Call of Duty (MW1&2 and Black Ops) where I had a bit too much fun causing trouble in the online lobbies. There was also a DDR machine at my local arcade, and I spent all my time in between classes on this machine perfecting the steps which I like flexing to unsuspecting victims I drag into the arcade if we happen to walk past. Some of my favourite tracks include:
Dynamite Rave Air Special (from DDR Supernova 1 & 2)
Goop Troop Boop (Game Grumps Revolution)
Harder Better Faster Stronger (Gendoka Midnight)
Caramelldansen Speedy Cake Remix (I forget from which one!!)
Cartoon Heroes (DDR 8th Mix Extreme)

Away from the screens, you can also find me down at the skate park. After joining my local roller derby league, I quickly fell in love with the sport, and also quickly worked my way up into the representative team where I travelled interstate and even New Zealand to compete! Following a knee injury, I hung up my competitive skates, but I still enjoy leisurely skates on whatever long, flat footpaths I can find. I also love skateboarding (tho I don't claim to be any good), where I spend countless nights hanging out at the local park - half the time skating and the other half talking absolute sh*t.


After stumbling across an event on Facebook, I decided to venture out into the Sydney nightlife alone where I attended my first Sidechains event. This place was really special as I was able to connect with other misfits who had a similar eclectic taste in fashion and underground club music. I remember everyone being so open and accepting, and I made some really special friends, some of which who taught me to DJ - and the rest as they say, is history. After moving to Canberra, I continued to DJ to an audience of stuffed toys until Psyland 2017 - my first proper gig! I have since played there every year, in addition to playing in night clubs, house parties, bush doofs, raves and on FBi Radio! I really love DJing and interacting/having fun with the crowd. I suggest you pack your wine/goon sack though because I'm not afraid to bring the cheese!

Click here to check out my livestream from Psyland's 2020 'Psyberland' event!

Jeez, you're still here?! Hey, thanks for sticking around and getting to know me! I could write forever but I won't in the interests of your wellbeing and sanity. Here's just an extra few little things I love and thought I'd mention!
90's and 00's fashion
altering clothes
fashion shoots and photography
upcycling furniture
learning languages (including code )
taking purikuras
my kitty Harlem
big trucks

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