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Despite living on the other side of the world in Australia, Halloween was a big event celebrated every year by my Mum and siblings growing up. I have always loved costume parties and thrown (eye) daggers at those LOSERS who turn up in jeans and a t-shirt saying "I came as myself". Honestly you may as well turn around and go back home. I think being dressed up adds this whole new level to partying - my experience is that things tend to get a bit more wild and silly when you aren't yourself. So naturally, I love Halloween and celebrated in 2019 by throwing an underpass rave (which I would have done again in 2020 but, COVID, ya know).

Cursed Cat Girl

Evil Dr. DJ

This is me DJing at my Halloween rave aptly mamed Raveyard that I had thrown in 2019. The location was perfect - I had found a spooky tunnel beneath a busy highway, so it was already an eerie vibe. I played lots of Halloween-themed tunes, it was a frighteningly fun night.

She is the Slayer

I love Buffy - I watched it religiously as a teenager and this is me circa 2007 dressed as her one Halloween. I am only now rewatching the series (don't @ me) and I am falling back in love with the characters and the show all over again. I've honestly become a bit obsessed, even going as far as piercing my ears so they match Buffy's piercings...