Sweethard's Blingees

Welcome to my collection of Blingees™!

I love Christmas in Australia. It falls in the middle of our long, summer holiday, where we enjoy Christmas day with a cold, fresh seafood spread, trips to the beach and icy cold drinks. And I don't even mind the fact that North America's holiday hyper-capitalism has led to the infection of Winter-themed Christmas decorations here. I'm happy sweltering and melting under a fluffy Santa hat in 40°C heat, as long as I'm doing it surrounded by my friends and family ♥



Santa Baby...

This Blingee is from 2011, where I had a particularly crafty Christmas. I had sewn on the big white bow that sits accross the top of my red singlet and I had also made the candy cane earrings! It was nothing special - in fact I believe the candy canes had fallen off a decorative garland, so I glued earring backs onto them to give them another life!

2020 Blingee

To make Blingees, you need Adobe Flash Player. Since all browsers, including Adobe, will no longer support Flash from 31 December 2020 (R.I.P.), I rushed to make a 2020 Christmas Blingee. This one is of a selfie I took with my brother using a Christmas-themed Snapchat filter (hence his beautiful lashes).