Angel Wing Heart Sweethard's Blingees

Welcome to my collection of Blingees™!

Blingees were the epitome of the Myspace era. In fact, it was sacrilegious to not have your profile adorned with Blingees, and it was actually illegal to not post "Thx for the add" or "Happy Tuesday" Blingees on your friends' profiles when either of those occassions arose.

This section will start with some personal Blingees I have created, and I hope to add a separate section of some of my favourite Blingees I have collected from my travels across the web.

If you would like a Blingee, please contact me! Make sure to include the photo you'd like me to use, and a bit about yourself (like favourite colours, hobbies, preferred aesthetics etc.) and I would love to make one up for you! ♥

Homepage Blingees

Here are my Blingees from my homepage. They were the first Blingees I made specifically for my website, and from there I suddenly remembered how fun these were to make. This marked the beginning of my sparkley spiral into full-blown Blingee addiction. And as you can probably notice, my Blingee philosophy is: "more is more".


CLassic-style Blingee!

Yes that's right, I was wearing face masks before it was cool (mandatory). Nah but for real, for this Blingee I wanted to encapsulate a style typical of what may have been found at the height of Myspace (and scene subculture) popularity - complete with obnoxious flashing stars, bleeding hearts, black and white checked patterns and language including "emo" and "mourning the living" added within the frame. Okay, when I first had the idea for this page it was not going to include a critical analysis of each Blingee... But here we are.